Three Things I Learned Today


After just coming out of what I like to call a creative slump, I'm ready to take on 2014. I'm going to follow my dreams and my purpose no matter what. Even if I'm dirt poor in the beginning. I'm not going to follow what's popular, cool, or what will bring me money. At the end of the day when I have all these things I'm worried about (the wedding, a job, a house, bills, student loans, etc.) I'm going to pray and LET THEM GO. Everything is going to be o.k. Money isn't real. Love is real and that's what I want. God is real and that's who I'm going to follow- because He will provide everything I need.

1. Everything is going to be o.k.

2. Everything you can imagine is real.

3. Follow that dream.

All images via Pinterest.