Last Minute Christmas Gifts

TOP GIFTS: coffee table books, art, home decor, perfume, workout/running clothes

1. Inslee prints // arm in arm print + dancer print

2. Perfume // my favorite is Chloe 

3. Madewell Transport Tote // black, brown, or cabernet 

4. Running Shoes // Nike 

5. Coffee Table Book // kate spade 

6. Yoga Clothes // lululemon 

7. Cocoon Coat // jcrew

 8. Mintwood Home Decor // shop my gift guide

When shopping for family and friends, one of the most important things for me is to have a great range of prices to choose from. These are all unique gifts that are equally fun to give and receive.  I encourage you to love on your friends and family this season and give them something special that they can always have. Happy shopping and giving!