Happy Birthday, Isabelle!

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Anna Naphtali_3.jpg

Happy birthday to my sweet little sister, Isabelle! She has grown up so much in the past year and I'm so proud of her. She is really pursuing her dreams without fear and has the kindest, forgiving heart of anyone I know. Not to mention she's probably the most natural model I've ever seen and photographed (the pizza and ice cream diet does her well). I know God has huge plans for her life and I cannot wait to seem them unfold. I love you, Izzy! Happy 21st birthday! 

PS thank you for giving the best, most adorable, and extremely hilarious speech at our wedding!!! 

The first two photos are from Edge of Urge who Isabelle models for now and the next ones are some of the wedding photos by Anna. This is just a preview of a view of the wedding photos- I'm so obsessed with them. The cakes were made by Goldmine and I got the cake topper by Oh Dier Living on Etsy.