At Home with Mathis

My greatest decisions in life have been giving my life to a forgiving living God, marrying my husband, and having our son Mathis. Being a mom has been one of the most challenging but most rewarding things I have been through. I have never felt emotions such as the emotions I felt on the day he was born. Life will never be the same because of him and I'm so grateful for that. 

These photos were taken a week after Mathis was born. He was probably around 8 pounds. Now he is over 14 pounds and his hair is falling out and turning blonde. It's crazy how fast he is growing! I've already had to put away some newborn clothes that he no longer fits into. He is 6 weeks old today.

On another note I'm so excited for everything that 2016 has in store for my family and my business. Now that I have made the decision to be completely free lance with my business I have had all of these opportunities come up that I am so excited for. Thank you for following along and for all of your support in 2015! Now stay tuned for the best year yet. xx

Photos by Anastasia Serena