new years goals

Let's face it it's not always easy to have new years resolutions and to follow through. I'm barely getting any sleep from having a newborn baby boy. But he's thankfully finally over his cough and getting back on a decent sleep schedule. I haven't been so organized with meal planning and working out consistently either. So this is more of a personal post but I wanted to list out some personal goals for myself. Maybe it will help you get back into sorts before February as well ;). 

1. work out at home // I need to use the weights I have here and stream online videos. I can't leave Mathis so clearly I need to come up with other options to stay fit. Here are some videos I'm going to use. Also, daily walks with him would be a plus. 

2. cut out the bad stuff // I already am dairy free (due to breast feeding) but I have a sugar problem. I need to officially cut out the sugar and do something about my cravings.

3. collaborations + networking // Now that I'm completely freelance I want to reach out to different brands to do more collaborations. There are so many awesome companies out there I would love to work with. 

4. daily devotions // Mike got me  the Give Me Jesus Journal for Christmas and I want to use it everyday. He also got me Romans 'Be Still and Know' which I can't wait to do. I get distracted easily so these keep me organized and motivated. 

5. no spend february // Online shopping is addictive. I don't want to buy any clothes or extra things during February. 

6. positivity about body issues and comparison // This is hard one to share but even scrolling through instagram seeing super skinny models all the time is HARD. But you've got to love your body and not compare yourself to others because that gets you no where. 

7. unplug with family // I don't want to use my phone for an hour or two while I'm spending time with my family. And I'm going to make them do the same. 

8. daily morning routine // Have coffee, do a devotional, make breakfast, work out... I want to have some kind of consistency and routine to keep me focused and organized when I start my day. 

9. reach out to friends // Even with my phone and laptop by my side I feel like I don't stay in touch with friends as well. I need to send more texts and reach out more. 

10. date night // I want to have date nights with my husband as much as possible. It's hard with a baby but we need to love each other first so we can love him.

Whew okay that's a lot! I hope they're realistic and I can follow this. We shall see!