ringly obsession

As a business owner and mother I'm on call 24/7. There's honestly a rare moment during the day when I get to put my phone down and take a break.  I run a few social media accounts so it's easy just to do all my work straight from my phone. I feel like I'm constantly checking my email, texting clients, and scrolling through instagram. When I'm photographing on location that means my son Mathis is with the nanny or my husband. This is were Ringly comes in! I love how I don't have to be on my phone while shooting or in meetings. If my husband calls or texts I know right away because I set my Ringly to vibrate a certain number of times (two) and to light up a color (I set his as blue). All you have to do is download their app to your phone and keep it open. I have a certain number of vibrates for other text messages (one) and phone calls (three). You can add as many apps to be linked to your ring and you can also customize your Ringly to the apps by making each notification a certain number of vibrates or color. 

I have to say I love this chic invention of jewelry meeting technology. I wish I thought of it myself! As you can see I'm obsessed with my Ringly and wear it everywhere. I've already gotten so many compliments. If you're contemplating getting one I think you should go for it because their new Libra Collection is amazing. Wouldn't you love to not be glued to your phone while out to dinner, working, or with family? I think so;). 

Special thanks to Ringly for my Into the Woods ring. I love it! xoxo

Photos with me in them are by my mom, Gayle Tiller Photography