Sneak Peak: Fall Session


Yesterday I had a family photo shoot in Waxhall, NC. It's a cute little town right outside of South Charlotte. The weather was beautiful but surprisingly chilly, and the leaves were as gorgeous as ever! Thank you to my friend Alara, her husband, and two adorable children for making this photo shoot awesome.

Three Things


I just quit my office job after 2 months of having it. I missed photographing and being creative so much. I never thought how much of an impact art school would have on my life. In one of my classes last fall semester we did a project for 4 months called "Daily Photos" where we took a photo to represent each day. I wanted to continue this by just putting up a few things daily or weekly. Recently I've been obsessed with combining text and images! (My photography professors would probably not approve...) Here are a few things from today:

1. Fresh eggs from my future mother-in-law's sister, who has her own chickens in New Jersey.

2. Kraft paper envelopes for our Save The Date's. Plus the cute little Etsy return address stamp. 

3. A red wallet with a gold zipper I just picked up from Target for $14.99. 

Sneak Peak: Erin + Nora


Today I photographed my friend from college, Erin, and her baby girl, Nora. They were both adorable! We set up a blanket and fresh flowers next to a lake just to relax and shoot some images. I can't wait to share the rest of them!